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The Printing Trades


There are many trade cards and other pieces promoting printers, ink manufacturers, ink roller makers, stationery firms, paper suppliers, etc. which do not fall neatly into the "Artistic Printing" category, or the "Gaslight Style" category, or any other category, exactly. Distinctions are generally unclear, as contemporary designs often included elements from different design "schools". Other designs are of considerable graphic interest but come from earlier or later eras. This section is intended to encompass such items. ( Many other printing-related cards can be found in the Artistic Printing and Gaslight Style albums. )

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An embossed label printed by Price And Sons, Labels, Fulton Street, NYC


A deeply embossed French trade card for a bookbinder which also did gilding, stamping and embossing.


Art Nouveau trade card, hand-painted


When I recently updated my posting program, it somehow deleted the dozens / hundreds of printing trades items which had been posted in this section, alas.

If and when I find the time and energy, I will relist them.

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