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This image is from an oversized album of photographs, annotated by typewriter, entitled "La Provincia De El Oro", by Irving Rusinow, Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, 1942. El Oro is in Ecuador. This 10 1/2" x 7 3/4" image is captioned "Orenses are peaceful—but no one in perfect . . ."

I certainly could never qualify as a serious collector of photography, but over the years I have picked up interesting images here and there. Wonderful, engaging photographic images surround us . . . cartes de visite, cabinet cards, albumin prints, tintypes, daguerreoytypes, real photo postcards, snapshots. Not to mention art photography, advertising and promotional photography, experimental photography, scientific photography. Arresting images abound!

RevMrsNottReverend Samuel Nott and wife, 1865. My own great-grandfather, who I knew well as a child, was a Baptist minister. 
I never saw him smile.

American soldier Raymond Leland Aumack (1895-1976) in India, 1943, real photo postcard. Aumack picked up the nickname "Burma Joe" during an earlier stint on the Burma Road.

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