Concord, Massachusetts Artillery 1840 | Sheaff : ephemera

Concord, Massachusetts Artillery 1840

This one is interesting for several reasons. For one thing, it is actually an order for the Concord Artillery to attend two musters, one on Saturday the 19th in Concord,
and another on Thursday the 24th in Cambridge. Further, the unit's clerk, Ward Safford, who addressed and sent out the notices, also on the same day
 used an extra copy of the printed notice as a personal lettersheet to send a short letter to his brother George M. Safford in Washington.
His first line in the letter references the usage of this printed notice as letter paper: "the cry is hard times, save the paper."
The Concord Post Office applied its circular date stamp the next day, September 15. Ward Safford prepaid the 10¢ postal fee.

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