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Visual Postal History

Recently I had a bit of an epiphany. I realized that—unbeknownst to me!—I have been accumulating and tossing into boxes a certain category of covers, for decades.

(Note to non-stamp collectors: “ overs” are envelopes)

 Now, I have begun gathering them together in albums of their own. What sort for covers, you might ask? 

I am calling it Visual Postal History . . . the treasuring of covers that are superb visually and condition-wise. Matters not the vintage, nor whether stampless or stamped, nor the rarity/commonality of the stamps and markings, nor the country of origin. The only consideration is whether the cover is a satisfying and clean artistic composition, whether it is a one-in-ten-thousand, superb, gem cover. Given my financial constraints, this little collection will likely never contain any of the rare philatelic exhibit show-stoppers that bring big bucks at auction. 

Mine are simply humble stamps on killer covers. A new reason for me to paw through dealer boxes at stamp shows!



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