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The Campbell Press Company

Advertising card which combines artwork, cartooning and real photos heads stripped in. "The Campbell's (sic) are coming!" apparently to St. Louis.
One man holds up a card saying "Our 8,000th Press." Several local newspapers are named on buildings: Daily News, Mexico Intelligencer, Daily Tribune, Moberly Monitor, Dennison Herald; and one printer: Ramsey, Millet and Hudson. "Photographed by R. T. Adams". A newspaper clipping (source and date unknown) in the possession of a man who is the great grandson of the man driving the press reads: "Over three weeks ago, Mr. R. (Robert) P. Yorkston, the accomplished gentleman and the popular manager of the Western Branch of the Campbell Press Co., at St. Louis, sent us a large photograph, which is a unique piece of art and advertising. It represents Ohio Street, with a large Campbell Press, drawn by two camel (sic). On one Camel is a placard announcing "The Campbells are coming." On the huge press cylinder sits the handsome Yorkston driving. On the bed plate are the bookkeeper and office assistant. In the background is a view of the Eagle office with the proud bird screaming from the top. Also a view of the Bazoo office with the "Big Injun" on top injuring his whole diaphragm trying to awaken a faint war screech."

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