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Baby in a Basin


number of years ago, I came across a copy of this carte de visite (CDV) photograph, copyrighted 1875 by the photographer William Shaw Warren of Boston. It is without doubt the source image for a trade card design issued by Pond's Extract, a patent medicine of the day. Quite possibly the photograph was commissioned by The Pond's Extract Company specifically to create their pond-pun trade card image.

Pond'sExtract#1-150The trade card can be found in a number of slight variations. This one was printed by Mayer, Merkel & Ottman of NYC.

Pond'sExtract#2-150This one, in color, was produced by the firm of A.J. Maerz of Brooklyn.


(no printer indicated)



There are several other baby-in-basin trade cards.


Cabinet card (seen on eBay)

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